“The home library is the Batman of architecture: sometimes it’s the mild-mannered Bruce Wayne, a place to read a book or hold a intimate soiree, and sometimes it’s the super-powered superhero; maybe it doesn’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, but it does bind all the function of an office building into a single room—and it’s all just down the hall. Designing for this abundance of function takes time, organization, and expertise—and is often a game of inches, according to Donald Bayne, of Bayne’s Quality Custom Furniture, % Inc. He described what he called “the perfect example of a contemporary library.” Clad in English Yew, Maple, and Mahogany, the library has the feel of a traditional library, but it houses two computers, a fax machine, file and storage cabinets, and the client’s law library—all of which can be concealed behind cabinetry. In addition to figuring out how to include all the necessary function in the room, Bayne’s team had to figure out how to make it look great and, “find something of an old era and bring it into the library.” They created prototypes and molding mock-ups. “We literally drew every piece of the room,” Bayne said. They even matched the woods of the room to the desk, an antique roll-top the clients bought while on vacation.”

Chesapeake Home Magazine – April 2003 – Page 64 / 66

“Donald Bayne of Bayne’s Quality Custom Furniture, Inc. attributes a good portion of his work to the design, fabrication, and installation of custom wood surrounds. According to Bayne, “there are a lot of nice stock wood surrounds available,” but his “customers are general- * ly looking for something beyond stock.” Often, a customer will have seen an antique surround they want reproduced or they need a surround that will tie in to existing custom cabinetry. Wood surrounds are typically constructed of oak or maple for more elaborate designs, but occasionally other woods will be used for different applications. Custom wood surrounds often include fluted pilasters and architectural moldings, some even feature hand carved figurines or matching side cabinetry to help unite the fireplace with the rest of the room.”

Chesapeake Home Magazine – December 2001- Page 22 / 30

“Designer Sutton created a ground-floor gallery suite for an avid collector of American crafts (above). Part of a whole-home renovation in an older neighborhood, this kitchen (above) was designed to evoke simple family ways in a timeless fashion.” Cabinets by Bayne’s Custom Furniture.

Home & Design Magazine – Late Summer 2003 – Page 96

“Resources: All cabinetry from Bayne’s Quality Custom Furniture.”

Style Magazine – January / February 2000 – Pages 78 – 79

“Maple cabinets with sandblasted glass fronts….” by Bayne’s Quality Custom Furniture.

“The kitchen’s work and dining spaces are defined by the sweeping curves of English style bays…” crafted by Bayne’s Quality Custom Furniture.

Style Magazine – March / April 2000 – Pages 54 – 55