1. What is custom furniture and cabinets?

‘Custom’ means individualized furniture built for specific needs, but it should go far beyond changing the shape or dimension to fit an odd space. Custom should capture the spirit of your imagination. We can work with you to design the features and dimensions, as well as assist in selecting materials and unique or matching finishes.

2. What type of materials do you work with?

We use many products that are available in today’s market, to include domestic and imported solid wood and veneers, as well as composite material, high pressure laminates, solid surface products and more. Many hardwoods and veneers are available in beautiful figured patterns.

3. What type of finish do you use on your furniture?

Our primary finish is a conversion varnish, which meets the high standards of the Architectural Woodwork Institute. This professional-quality finish is more durable than lacquer, polyurethane, shellac, and other applied finishes. Our experienced finishing staff can produce the appearance of a hand-rubbed finish, various sheens, or an aged patina. We also use the other finishes mentioned above when appropriate. Adding pigment to the conversion varnish enables us to apply an opaque, colored surface with a durability that exceeds oil, lacquer, and latex based paints.

4. How long have you been in business?

The business became a full-time occupation in 1980, as a sole proprietorship. In 1984, the business incorporated and moved to the current location. Bayne’s Quality Custom Furniture is now in its 29th year.

5. Do you build upholstered furniture?

Bayne’s Quality Custom Furniture constructs the furniture, then coordinates with local craftsmen to upholster the furniture or component.

6. How long will it take you to build a project?

Many factors impact on how long it will take to finish a project (for more information, refer to the Custom Process Page). The first step is to meet and discuss the parameters of the project for a proposal. A complex project may require development of full size drawings. In special cases, a mockup may be needed to help you visualize the goal. Once the proposal is accepted, we schedule production based on shop backlog and priorities. At times, we may be able to fit a small project into the schedule while working larger projects.

7. Do you build everything in your shop?

Our desire is to build the entire project within our shop; however, several options are available to help meet time or budget constraints. We have worked with select artisans who specialize in fabricating quality components, such as doors, dovetailed drawer bodies, and lathe-turned spindles. We also work closely with select artisans who offer leaded-glass, hand-worked metal products, and upholstery. Bayne’s Quality Custom Furniture oversees the entire process.